Element 37 provides most basic marketing services needed by all of you dreamers, doers, and hard workers. You get clear, set rates or package pricing with no surprises. Contact E37 for a rate card or quote.


Marketing Analysis


Have you ever wished that a marketing professional would just take a look at what you are doing and give you some feedback? E37 provides a full analysis of your current marketing efforts with a written report and recommended adjustments. This includes basic competitive and trend analysis.



It’s nice to have a marketing pro buddy that you can contact for advice or to review something. Maybe you need help with marketing budgets and determining ROI. Consultation charges apply when E37 is hired only to advise. (It is included as part of other packages and services.) Consultation services are available by the hour, day, project, or on retainer. Consultation at a specific physical location may require additional charges for travel or time.

Project Management


E37 can manage your marketing projects, large or small. Some are handled internally, with just the skills of E37. Others may require the assembly and management of a larger team with the right expertise and skills for each role. E37 works with vetted pros for all budget ranges. Your project is managed to deliver the designated goals, to specification, by deadline, and within budget. This includes set status reports, and regular project review meetings.



Branding is so important. E37 helps you develop your brand with a comprehensive vision. This includes a Brand Identity Guide, Brand Style Guide and a Branding Plan. This gives you and your employees a clear map for the daily branding of your business or organization. Branding Camps are also available if your brand needs clarifying or your team requires branding training. This includes integration through customer relations. Internal branding is crucial for external branding success.

Social Media


Social media is time consuming! E37 can take care of it for you. Complete social media management packages are available monthly or quarterly and include performance reports. If you need paid social media promotion campaigns, E37 packages are available monthly, quarterly, by project, or by budget. This pricing structure allows you to get extra help as needed, without a long-term commitment. This really helps when getting started.

Web Site Management


CMS web sites like WordPress are great for allowing fast and convenient changes. Managing them can be time consuming though! If you find you are spending more time managing your web site than your actual business, E37 can take care of it for you. Quarterly web site management packages are available. These include updates, basic SEO, blog posts, analytics reports, and recommendations. E37 will work with your designated web developer or IT service for any coding, hosting or security needs.

Content Creation


Small businesses are continually advised to create quality content for marketing. This sounds a lot easier than it actually is! E37 will create a content plan for you and then execute it. Monthly, quarterly or project packages are available and include performance reports and next-step recommenadations.

Inbound Marketing


Are you are putting a lot of effort and budget into marketing, but not getting many leads or sales from it? Maybe it’s time for a fresh strategy. Inbound marketing pulls from valuable content and engagement through to leads, sales and service. E37 integrates everything with your CRM system and sales funnel. Packages are available quarterly.

Media Production


E37 provides audio prouction, video production and photo shoots for any budget and production level. This includes product photography, marketing videos, training videos, and commercials. E37 can take care of everything or fill a specific roll such as script writing, talent acquisition or producing.



Writing is available by the page, project or on retainer. Sevices include copy writing, technical writing, newsletters, email and news releases.

Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing, such as Google Ads, is the primary form of advertising these days. If you need help with SEM, packages are available quarterly. This includes daily, monthly, or weekly performance reports as needed.

Media Buying


Traditional media is still a viable approach for some businesses. Finding someone to help with that can be a challenge these days, especially if you are looking for experience. E37 can help with billboards, print ads, and radio/television advertising.

Design & Printing


E37 provides creative direction and design services for both digital and print. For some businesses, printed materials are an important element of marketing. This could be packaging, POP, product collateral, vehicle graphics or signage. Press checks and color matching are included as needed. Looking good on a screen doesn’t always translate to looking good in hand. If you need to make sure it does, E37 can help.